Summer OSPP with CHAOSS- The Conclusion

The final report has been submitted and with that, the program is officially over.

In this blog, I’ll be giving a brief overview of what happened for the second half of the program, the progress made on the GrimoireLab tutorial, and the progress regarding the merging of the tutorial with upstream.

In my last blog, the documentation for SortingHat was finally updated and can be found here. From that point onward, the mid-term evaluation was happening so I submitted my work report for the first half of the program.

The second half of Summer OSPP was mostly spent on writing and testing the documentation. The sections related to the dashboards and visualizations were covered during this period as well as some other sections such as “Understanding Community Health”, “Terminology” and “Contribute to GrimoireLab” section.

The “Understanding Community Health” section was proposed by my mentor, Georg Link. The purpose behind it is to propose specific metrics based on what the user wants to achieve with the use of GrimoireLab. This section is heavily based on the CHAOSS metrics page but will be more about how to create the required visualizations.

The “Terminology” section was added since some words such as index-pattern, metrics, buckets, etc… might be difficult to understand for the users. As such, a brief description will be provided to aid the users in understanding it.

Concerning the “Contribute to GrimoireLab” section, the idea came from Xiaoya Xia during a meeting. Since the tutorial was designed to be goal-oriented from the beginning, the target for its use are actual users of GrimoireLab. Hence, this section was added to allow and inform users of the possibility of contributing to the project.

Additionally, the documentation for GrimoireLab Perceval has been updated. You can find the updated docs here. The old docs were configured using sphinx and ReadTheDocs but for some reason, the webhook was not working, and as such the doc never got updated.

Moreover, the updated GrimoireLab tutorial is in the process of being merged. You can track its progress here. At the moment, the initial sections of the tutorial (About, Component, Getting-Started, Data Sources) have been added. The pending sections (Dashboards, SortingHat, Terminology, and Contribute to GrimoireLab) will be added in the next few weeks.

Tutorial Testing

After gathering enough content, my mentors and I were wondering how to test out their usefulness.

How do I make sure that the tutorial is serving its purpose?

The conclusion we came to, was to schedule meetings with community members and test it out with them. This took approximately 2 weeks but we were able to gather feedback from 8 volunteers.

Before continuing I would like to thank the volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedule to help me with this.

So the meetings generally went like this.

While the volunteers would be trying to accomplish the above tasks, I would be observing and figuring out solutions to the problem they are facing. ( The volunteer would be sharing his/her screen)

After each session, I would be compiling the feedback and applying the required changes.


This program has been going on for a little more than 12 weeks and during that time, I’ve met and interacted with various community members of CHAOSS. I learned a lot during this period and that is an understatement. The amount of exposure and experience I got through those 12 weeks are priceless to me.

I would like to personally thank Venu and Georg for helping and guiding me during this program. It was fun and very informative.

Undergrad student at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham